SACRAMENTO, CA — Today, California Environmental Voters (EnviroVoters) released the following statement on the suspense file hearings for the Assembly and Senate Appropriations committees. Bills that made it out of the Senate or Assembly Appropriations Committees will be sent to the Senate or Assembly floor for vote by June 2nd.

Statement from Melissa Romero, Senior Legislative Manager, California Environmental Voters:

“It’s energizing to see the Senate stand up for Californians by prioritizing corporate accountability. Sending a suite of bills to require corporate disclosures (SB 253), divest from fossil fuels (SB 261), and report their climate-related financial risk (SB 252) to the floor is the leadership on climate that we need to continue this year.

At the same time, we are disappointed that the Senate killed two climate bills to establish neighborhood decarbonization programs (SB 257) and health protection zones near oil and gas wells (SB 556). We continue to make our most vulnerable communities sacrifice their health and wellbeing to support a fossil-fuel industry that earned $4 trillion in global profits last year.

Several others were put on pause until January 2024, including bills to end excessive subsidies to the dairy industry that increase air and water pollution in many agricultural communities (SB 709) and to take the first step toward regionalizing our energy grid with other Western states (AB 538). These policies will be delayed, but we will work to make progress on these issues in the next year. We call on the Legislature to prioritize climate action on the floor.” 

Other important wins for climate justice and democracy include:

  •   SB 84 and AB 241, to extend the Clean Transportation Program funding and set aside 50% of funds for projects and programs that benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities.
  •    SB 867 and AB 1567, climate bond measures.
  •    AB 3 to develop a strategy for offshore wind project readiness and in state manufacturing.
  •    AB 249 about lead in schools drinking water.
  •    AB 421, to reform the referendum process to put the power back with people and not corporations.
  •    AB 460, AB 1337 and SB 389, to modernize water rights.
  •    AB 593, to create a strategy for decarbonizing the building sector.
  •    AB 631, which provides the state’s oil and gas regulator, CalGEM, with authority to swiftly enforce the law.
  •    AB 1167, which protects taxpayers from paying for the oil industry’s clean up costs.
  •    AB 1248, to require independent redistricting commissions.
  •    ACA 4, to restore voting rights to people who are incarcerated.



Erika Guzman Cornejo


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California Environmental Voters (formerly the California League of Conservation Voters) believes the climate crisis is here and this moment requires transformative change. California has the policy solutions to stop climate change but lacks the political will to do it at the rate and scale that’s necessary. EnviroVoters exists to build the political power to solve the climate crisis, advance justice, and create a roadmap for global action. We organize voters, elect and train candidates, and hold lawmakers accountable for bold policy change. We won’t stop until we have resilient, healthy, thriving communities, and a democracy and economy that is just and sustainable for all. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See more press releases.

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